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i'm wide awake

and I can see

30 July
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My journal is raw, truthful and honest. Please be aware that mostly I'm journaling for ME, and that may mean writing about real people, places and events in my life from my own odd, biased, dysfunctional perspective. That's simply the nature of a journal. Please either figure out how to not be offended, or read at your own risk. Alternately, now that LiveJournal is free to all and everyone, you're welcome to start your own LiveJournal account and write slanderous posts about ME to your heart's content: How much you hate me, how stupid/ugly/mean I am are just a few ideas to get you started. I will not even read your Journal of Retaliation - it is all yours, and you are welcome to reveal all you want in it. If you don't like any of which I've just stated I ask you from the bottom of my heart to do one of the following things: Don't read OR contact me face to face about the problem, however, leaving anonymous comments will do nothing but make you look stupid.